ALH Building Systems: Trusses & Panels

Roof Trusses
ALH roof trusses fit, guaranteed. Our know-how and years of experience provide consistent quality and precise fit. You save time and money every time. Complexity is a non-issue with our comprehensive 3-D design system. Experience, quality, precision, combined with the most competitive pricing in the industry.

Floor Trusses
1. Open web design creates room for ducts, pipes and wires, eliminating the need for extensive drilling and cutting. Pre-planning with ALH can make this advantage even more effective.

2. Quiet connections are a direct result of a wider more uniform nailing and gluing surface. Combined with the added strength of the floor trusses, this means fewer squeaks and nail pops.

3. Cost effectiveness is important no matter how large the project. Big or small, floor trusses increase spans, improve installation time, and reduce waste.

Wall Panels
Wall panels save time and money. Since your building is erected faster, it is not subject to as much weather as a stick built structure. Every day that is gained means money saved in construction and carrying costs. Less waste, better quality control and easier scheduling are added benefits. Every wall panel ALH builds is designed to exacting standards. We work from the architectural plans to create detailed shop drawings for each wall panel. Every opening is analyzed for structural needs and loads and calculated for each header. Structural integrity is assured throughout the process.